Appointed as the Executive Producer of Olympus Hall Hachioji

2011.01.01 (sat.)

Nishimoto will be the Executive Producer of the Olympus Hall Hachioji for the next three years (2011-2014).

Nishimoto will be leading the Hachioji: The Music City project to create a new face to the city. The project's goals are to promote the newly built civic center and the art scene, as well as to bring economic rejuvenation to the city. Nishimoto will be producing several original theatrics, like classical music based opera and ballets performances, that will place its theme on the city's distinct characteristics.

Nishimoto hopes to achieve ‚ÄúSimultaneous Resurrection of Tradition and Innovation‚ÄĚ through the use of this theater.

Olympus Hall Hachioji