Tomomi Nishimoto

Government of Japan's Offshore TV Commercial

June 07. 2015
BBC, CNN, Youtube

Government of Japan will be airing TV Commercials to promote Japan offshore. The commercial will air in Europe during the G7 summit on the following broadcasting station:

- BBC Europe
- CNN International Europe Middle East Africa

Government of Japan's Offshore TV Commercial can be viewed through the below link:

Good Morning, Belarus

March 02. 2012
State Belarusian Channel |06:00 - 09:00

TOKYO FM Premium Classic Night:
Tomomi Nishimoto's Road to Symphony No.9 Dream Concert

November 28. 2010
Tokyo FM |19:00 - 19:55

This program airs once a month on TOKYO FM. The program was a prelude to "TOKYO FM 40th Anniversary Concert: Symphony No.9 Dream Concert in Nippon Budokan" by Tomomi Nishimoto and Beethoven's Symphony No.9.

This campaign was to enable the listeners to join the classical choir, simply by listening to the radio. This monthly program also invited wonderful guests to delightfully discuss about the classical music. On the latter half of the program, Tomomi Nishimoto personally gave tips on how to sing the Symphony No.9.

Original Air Date:

1st: April 25th (Sun.)
2nd: May 23rd (Sun.)
3rd: June 27th (Sun.)
4th: July 25th (Sun.)
5th: August 29th (Sun.)
6th: September 26th (Sun.)
7th: October 24th (Sun.)
8th: November 28th (Sun.)
9th: December 26th (Sun.)

Tokyo FM Website

Tokyo FM Premium Classic Website

FCI Morning EYE

November 11. 2010
FCI |16:50 - 17:50

Tomomi Nishimoto's debut in USA will be featured in the program.

※Broadcast only in USA
※Broadcsting station and hours will differ by region. Click here for details.

Program Website

Jounetsu no Keifu (The Genealogy of Passion)

July 19. 2010
TV Tokyo |22:54 -

Jounetsu-no-Keifu is a documentary program by TV Tokyo that airs every Monday night at 10:54. The program shows the viewers how the prominent figures of today achieved their accomplishments. Behind every figure is an "aspiration", "thoughts" and "passion" passed forth from those that came before them. By moving forth with what has been passed on, they continue to expand The Genealogy of Passion.

Tomomi Nishimoto’s Jounetsu-no-Keifu is Tenshin Okakura. Okakura was an artist active during the Meiji period and is known for amalgamating the Japanese and Western art together to create a new dimension. In addition, he is also known to have spread the beauty of the new Japanese art to the world.

It was Tenshin Okakura who Tomomi Nishimoto felt like she shared a connection with, being that Nishimoto is an Asian directing Western music. On conducting Western music, Nishimoto distinctively explained, "Although I may seem like I am just grafting at times, I know my expression is an original piece of work when it passes from the root to the leaf."

Like Tenshin Okakura’s passion for grafting Japanese and Western art and coming up with an original work, Nishimoto, too, is grafting an original work of her own.

Jounetsu no Keifu Website

Jounetsu no Keifu Youtube

Tonari no Kosodate

February 20. 2010
NHK Educational |21:30 - 22:00

Tonari no Kosodate is a program that airs on NHK Educational every Saturday night at 9:30 (rerun on the proceeding Friday at 11 AM). The program explores today's prominent figure's parents who provided support to them since their birth.

Tomomi Nishimoto is now a world renowned conductor. This episode approached her mother who supported her growth from the moment of her birth. Even before Nishimoto understood what was happening, her mother insisted on bringing young Nishimoto to concert halls and theaters to expose her to live performances. Nishimoto's mother wanted her to not only hear the sounds, but to feel the environment of the venues and the passion of the performers. It is this exact sensation that leads Nishimoto's approach to her own musical expression.

Nishimoto's mother also described the moments that lead up to Nishimoto's decision to pursue conducting as her passion. It was when young Nishimoto was played two recordings of the same piece, each by a separate conductor. Young Nishimoto was able to feel the strong presence of the conductor in each, as well as the difference in how each recording sounded. This exact moment could be dubbed the root of today's Nishimoto.

At the end, Nishimoto's mother was prompted, "What does raising a child mean to you?" To this, she replied, "It means you must have fun with your child, together."

Tonari no Kosodate Website

Tonari no Kosodate Archives

TV Saitama 30th Anniversary Program, Tomomi Nishimoto's "Symphony No.9"

December 31. 2009
TV Saitama |20:00 - 22:00

This program commemorated the 30th Anniversary of TV Saitama's founding with Tomomi Nishimoto conducting Beethoven's Symphony No.9. It also featured an interview with Nishimoto at the end.

TV Saitama Website

Suzuki SX4 TV Commercial

December 31. 2009
TV commercial

World renowned automobile maker, Suzuki's, television commercial for a model named SX4, first introduced in July of 2006. This model is now driven in over 100 countries around the world. The commercial is narrated by Tomomi Nishimoto, who, like the car, originates from Japan and travels all over the world. In addition to the commercial, their website features a long interview with the theme "Drive with Classic".

Suzuki SX4 Commercial Site

Challenger: The Stairwell to No.1

May 24. 2009
TV Asashi |18:56 -

Challenger: The Stairwell to No.1 is a television program aired every Saturday night at 8:51 on TV Asahi. The program illustrates the path those who achieved a No.1 status in various subjects took, along with the hardship and challenges they had to endure and overcome. Behind every glory is a drama unimaginable to ordinary people.

The story illustrates the two years Tomomi Nishimoto spent in Russia, working tirelessly as an assistant in the opera theaters. Now an accomplished conductor active on stage all over the world, what Nishimoto kept telling herself all along was, "The stars shine even brighter when the darkness falls darker."

Challenger: The Stairwell to No.1 Website

Challenger: The Stairwell to No.1 Website

Quest: The Pioneers

May 10. 2009
WOWOW |10:00 - 11:00

Quest: The Pioneers is a television program that airs every Saturday night at 8:51 on WOWOW. The program focuses on incredible people affluent in talent. The program then gets to the nuts and bolt of their daily lives and careers.

Tomomi Nishimoto, 39, is a female conductor. It was 1996 when she chose to study abroad at Russia's Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. Why did she choose Russia over popular destinations like Paris and Vienna? It was there that Nishimoto knew to look to find the music she has long sought.

Nishimoto's life is fully dedicated to music. She travels to stages around the world on a daily basis. In contrast to the elegant stages she faces, as evident in TV commercials, her daily life is austere and sound. This is even apparent in the "ritual" she has performed even before she became notorious. This "ritual", performed before every show, is meditation. By meditating, she is able to better communicate with composers who are no longer alive through the scores. This is what propels Nishimoto to a new dimension, not achievable only through hard work.

This year, Nishimoto will be facing a new challenge. That is to conduct Mahler's Symphony No.2, Resurrection, which is notorious for featuring a part that extends over 2 hours. This challenge is an ultimate endurance test for any conductor.

Tomomi Nishimoto has a message to Mahler as a challenger. That is, "The resurrection of humanity from the 21st century global economic crisis!"

Quest: The Pioneers Website

Quest: The Pioneers Website

Solomon Ryu

November 30. 2008
TV Tokyo |21:54 - 22:48

Solomon Ryu is a television program that airs every Sunday night at 9:54 to 10:48 on TV Tokyo affiliated channel. The program follows along the lives of today's most talked about people. These are the people who have the utmost passions in variety of subjects and are today's shining stars in it.

This episode followed a conductor who is active on and off the stage, Tomomi Nishimoto. Outside the concert halls, she makes appearance on TV and radio programs. She also appears in magazine interviews. The episode reveals how one of Japan's closely watched figure works offstage, as well as how she spends her days off.

Nishimoto's conducting is commonly praised as "Conducting which none dares to blink", "Brilliantly conducted performance", and "Conducting that transmits the composers' messages clearly and simply". But behind every radiant performance was stoic Nishimoto, who faced the score book emotionlessly up until the actual performance. This is because she believes that no matter what ones' gender or nationality is, facing the music head on can better enable one to construct sublime expression. Nishimoto's passion for the music and her posture in facing her music is quite admirable.

On the days she has off, Nishimoto can be seen furthering her relationships with people active in other fields. It is these personal and emotional connections that play part in enabling her rich and deep musical expression. Nishimoto's lifestyle is completely immersed in music.

Solomon Ryu Website

Suzuki Splash presents Brilliant Cruise

November 03. 2008
Tokyo FM

This is a special program that aired on TOKYO FM. The program played classical pieces for those on the road. The background of the work was also explained.

Tokyo FM Website

Kagaijugyo – Yokoso Senpai (Tell Us About Your Life)

August 31. 2008
NHK |22:14 - 22:30

Kagaijugyo – Yokoso Senpai is a television program aired on NHK every Sunday at 8:35~9:00. The program features individuals working actively in various fields and has each of them visit their former schools. There, they hold classes to teach the students about what they do professionally. The classes are usually two days long with no prior rehearsals. The curriculums of the classes are developed by the individuals using various methods to show the students what they have learned in their lifetime, the secret behind their success, and the interesting parts of their particular subjects. There are numerous moments where the students embrace the lesson in an unexpected fashion, sparking their interests and discovering further about the subjects than anticipated.

"And at last, we will now conduct the orchestra!"

The stage was Osaka College of Music's Opera House, filled with 70 people strong orchestra. The theme of the performance was Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. The conductors were, of course, a group of 6th graders.

But the actual conducting turned out to be a little more challenging. They became nervous about climbing onto the podium. They could not stand in the middle of the podium. They could not hold onto their baton.

There was something Tomomi Nishimoto wanted the students to experience by facing the big stage. That was, the feel of being able to accomplish something by finding "the courage to make that first step" on top of that podium.

Kagaijugyo – Yokoso Senpai Website 

Kagaijugyo – Yokoso Senpai Website 


August 29. 2008
Nikkei CNBC |22:01 - 22:07

EconoWOMAN is a television program aired every Friday from 22:01~22:07 on Nikkei CNBC. The program has women working actively in various fields as guests and approaches both their professional and personal lives. Then, they focus on the hardship they endured as a woman and the accomplishments they were able to achieve.

This episode, aired in two parts, revealed the life of one of Newsweek's "Top 100 Most Admired Japanese", Tomomi Nishimoto. A "female conductor" who studied abroad in Saint Petersburg State Conservatory and became active in conducting Russian and Austrian orchestras, Nishimoto endured much hardship along the way.

EconoWOMAN Website